Building a Better Hull Street

Hull Street 360 is a project initiated by the City of Richmond, Chesterfield County and the Virginia Local Initiatives Support Corporation under a federal grant. This effort is focused on building a stronger community through the revitalization of the Hull Street corridor. Its goal is to bring the area’s diverse groups together to discuss the corridor’s role in their daily lives and how it can be improved.

The Hull Street Corridor Revitalization Plan will recommend a range of improvements aimed at enhancing the safety, appearance, economic potential and community-serving uses along Hull Street Road, and in its surrounding communities. These benefits could provide:

  • Safer walking and bicycling choices
  • Increased transit services
  • Additional landscaping and beautification
  • New job opportunities
  • More housing options
  • Additional parks and recreational facilities
  • Environmental enhancements

Project Location

The project study area extends along Hull Street Road (Route 360) from the Walmsley Boulevard intersection in Chesterfield County to the railroad line at Southside Plaza in joom – a total distance of 4.7 miles. Chippenham Parkway serves as the boundary between the two jurisdictions and generally divides the study area in half.